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Our meatballs are produced to the highest EU standards using only meats from our European accredited suppliers, our standard  range of Beef Chicken Turkey Pork available in all sizes 10g to 120g and on request our production can be modified to other meats such as Venison, Lamb, Mutton etc. Our new range of exotic spiced/flavored meatballs for 2021  Chicken Masala, Beef Madras, Thai Pork, Turkey Kiev, Chinese Red Pork/Chicken, Venison and Cherry, Boar and Chestnut

Skinless Sausage (Frikandel)

Skinless sausage perfect for grilling and frying Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Turkey or mixed to your preference also for other manufacturing products made to your specification and seasoned to your recipe .

Small Meatballs - 3g to 10g

Small meatballs used for soups and other ongoing manufacturing ready meals made with Beef Chicken Turkey Pork etc also availble with game meats such as Venison and Wild boar the production can be spiced to your requirements with garlic and herbs or Indian spices Asian spices, sizes range from 3g to 10g

Meat Crumble

Meat crumble is a perfect product for processing into ready meals soups etc processed from meat to your requirement and flavor of your choice.


Burgers made to your specification with Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Turkey or mixed to your preference also wild meats Venison, Wild Boar, Ostrich and more .